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Welcome to The Guchi Puchi

The Guchi Puchi staff is delighted you are here!  Our staff will provide your special friend a relaxing, less stress environment with all the love and respect that your pet would find at home.  Please see our Great Grooming page for more details on our grooming and see what we can provide your best friend. 

Professional Grooming for small to large-sized dogs and cats

Schedule an appointment today and experience the many benefits of professional grooming. We treat your pet like our own, to help ensure healthy and happy pets. Professional grooming sessions are imperative to the well-being of all pets.



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"I have been taking Cuddles to Shelly at the Guchi Puchi since opening her salon.  Cuddles had a good groomer for 2 previous years, but he was so nervous with all the other dogs and noise around him.  The Guchi Puchi is a perfect fit for him, he's excited to go and is very cooperative for Shelly.  There are no other dogs around and the area is very quiet.  This makes a huge difference in his temperment.  We highly recommend this salon to other dog lovers!"